Success Stories

Optimization of Production Equipment: Internal Gunbarrel, CPF Production.


Increased the Installed Capacity of the Plant, to Achieve the Requirement of Quality of Sale of the Oil Produced, Optimizing Existing Equipment.

Through our Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)-based solution, optimization studies of Gun barrels Interns were Performed, Allowing to Significantly Improve the Performance of the Equipment, at a Cost Equivalent to the Fraction of a New Equipment.

(CFD) Numerical Simulation: Applied to the Design of Ventilation Systems in Food Plants.


Development of Engineering, Construction, and Commissioning of Expansion to a Ventilation System of the Production Area through (CFD) tools.

The solution was Developed Using State-of-the-art Computational Numerical Simulation Tools (CFD) , which Guarantee the Suitability and Performance Required for the Ventilation System.